February / 02.2023

    • General meetings

    The 2023 general meetings (AGM) season will begin on March 7 with Novartis. After three years behind closed doors, the traditional AGMs will resume their rights. However, the threat of virtual meetings already hangs over this new season. Novartis indeed proposes to its shareholders to include in its articl…

December / 12.2022

    • General meetings
    • Corporate Governance

    To prevent any deterioration of shareholder rights linked to the revision of Swiss law on public limited companies, the Ethos Foundation is strengthening its voting guidelines for the 2023 annual general meeting (AGM) season. Ethos fears in particular a transfer of power from the AGM to the board of direct…

June / 06.2022

    • General meetings
    • Responsible investment

    The annual general meetings of the Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services SA were held this morning in Bern. All the items on the agenda were approved, starting with the climate action plan which should enable Ethos to achieve its goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. This afternoon, a conference dedicated…

April / 04.2022

    • General meetings

    On Monday, the bank published its responses to the request for information filed by the Ethos Foundation and seven Swiss pension funds concerning the “Greensill” and “Swiss Secrets” cases. These answers are a first step to enable shareholders to better understand the Greensill affair. However, Ethos consid…

March / 03.2022

    • General meetings

    Ethos and seven Swiss pension funds have filed a shareholders' resolution at Credit Suisse's 2022 general meeting calling for a special audit of the bank in connection with the Greensill affair – and the “supply chain finance funds” debacle that followed – and the recent so-called “Suisse Secrets” revelati…

    • General meetings

    The real estate company announced on Friday that it has modified the agenda for its annual general meeting 2022 to lower the threshold allowing shareholders to add an item on the agenda. This decision follows Ethos' recommendation to oppose the initial proposal of the board of directors to set this thresho…

    • General meetings

    Coordinated by Ethos and ShareAction, a group of institutional investors have filed a shareholders' resolution at the bank. Through a proposed amendment to the bank’s articles of association, the coalition asks that Credit Suisse improve its transparency regarding its climate impact and reduce its exposure…

    • General meetings

    Ethos is concerned that the modification of the articles of association in relation to the revision of the Swiss Code of Obligations will lead some companies to revise upwards the threshold necessary to submit an item on the agenda. This is what Swiss Prime Site, the first SPI company to adapt its statutes…